Did CliffyB's Ownage ever cover maps from UT2004?

Descentia Descentia — November 23, 2012
The subject says it all. I know there were tons of sexy maps that CliffyB put on his ownage site, and they were flagged on Mapraider.com (which is fricking awesome, btw! :D ), but in glancing through quite a few snazzy UT2k4 maps, I never saw the little CliffyB animated icon. Did Cliff never continue on with his Ownage site to cover UT2k4?
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  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — December 09, 2012
    Thanks GEx!!!

    @Descentia: Strange. That's not what I see. When I click the "Upload" button, I go right to a page with a file select button and an upload queue. I click the "select file" button, pick a zip, click "OK" and it starts uploading immediately. Here's screenshot of the upload in progress.

    I notice that they are using SWFUpload (a very popular and common Flash-based upload component). Do you have Flash installed and plugins and javascript enabled?
  • Descentia Descentia — December 09, 2012
    That's bull. :lol: Here's a shot of my upload page. And when getting to that page, no where do I see any type of an upload button.

    I do have Flash and Java enabled. Is SWFUpload possibly an ActiveX object that needs to be downloaded/installed? I never do get a prompt when I go to that page though. (I've even turned off the Pop-up Blocker, just to make sure.) I'm using IE9, could that be the problem? (I even tried Gamefront.com in compatibility mode.)

    After doing a bit of Googling about it (Apparently I'm not the only one struggling with this.) I even went to the trouble of clearing out all my Temp. Internet Files, cookies, and even installed objects and whatnot...to no avail. :\

    But whatever. It doesn't matter now. GEx's link is great!
  • GEx GEx — December 09, 2012
    You're welcome, guys!

    @gamefront: Same as Descentia, but I'm using an Opera Mini on a phone lol :D I do get a pop-up saying that a 9.0.2 or higher version of Flash is required, maybe you're using an old version, Descentia. Also try another browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome), just not that dreaded IE! :[
  • Descentia Descentia — December 10, 2012
    Ya, I thought about another browser. Figured I'd try asking here first before downloading and installing something else, just for that.

    But now I don't care. lol! Thanks for the link, GEx! :D
  • GEx GEx — December 10, 2012
    Stop thanking me already :lol: :P
    Anyone tested that 2k3 0wnage pack I posted? Asking cuz the only UT I have is 99 and I don't want to upload a virus or something lol.
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — December 10, 2012
    The 2k3 ownage_compilation.zip you posted appears okay, but it's missing 9 great UT2003 maps: Alps' Dawn Duel, Aristocracy, DM-1on1-Ilarnek, DM-1on1-Lighthouse, DM-Iron Maiden, DM-Peak2003[FuT], DM-Purisma[rev], DM-SomberEve and DOM-Aphrodite.

    The Unreal_Ownage_Maps.exe scans clean for me and runs okay, but I can't say for sure whether it's safe :) In any case, like the other UT2k3 EXE pack posted earlier, I've made a ZIP of it and both versions are mirror to our mirrors as I write this.

    Will also add the Unreal Maps to the list in my earlier post and eventually add them to the site. Thanks for finding that!
  • GEx GEx — December 10, 2012
    Thanks, FM! I tested the unreal 0wnage pack myself, no issues. Too bad the 2k3 pack is missing some of the maps, perhaps I missed a part 2 of it or something, I'll go check.
    Oh, and Meany, could you update the list with the ut99 0wnage pack maps from MagFreakinNetos post please?
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — December 11, 2012
    Originally posted by GEx: "Oh, and Meany, could you update the list with the ut99 0wnage pack maps from MagFreakinNetos post please?"
    Done! And each is linked to the pages on the site or our GameFront mirror (for those that aren't already in the database).
  • GEx GEx — December 12, 2012
    Thanks a lot! It's a bit funny that instead of finding 2k4 0wnage, we discuss the whole U series 0wnage maps.

    EDIT: DM-ForWhomTheBellTolls in the list is taking me to a 2k4 remake of it rather than the original, but other than that, it's great to see such lists go together ;)
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — December 12, 2012
    Ah, whoops! Thanks. Fixed. And yeah it is funny, but I'm glad we did!

    PS. I've learned a new useless trivia fact from all this. If I uploaded one map a day from my private collection of maps-to-be-submitted, it would take me about 30 years to get through all of them. Guess I'll have to pick up the pace a little bit :D


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