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Medium for 4-10 players
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Many DM maps can be converted to Domination with just a few tweaks. I chose to convert DM-Barricade because the soaring towers are a dream for the translocator and should be lots of fun for Domination players who love mobility. The map shines as a Domination map because the translocator is enabled by default, and you can just fly from parapet to parapet. Also, the Control Points give the map focus: This is a very large map, and the Control Points really pull the map together. Although large, the fighting spaces are tight, so you always seem to be duking it out at close quarters. Beware of ghosts: the castle is haunted with two invisibility power-ups!

The Control Points cater to three different playing styles:

- The "Cellar" room is fairly defensible, and players who like to sit and defend will enjoy guarding this point. Nevertheless, it is not a slow paced Point, since there are many respawns nearby, so enemies keep arriving. Your best bet on defense is to grab the ASMD and stay loaded with the shock cores up above.

- The "Tower" is for players who have mastered precise mobility; they will enjoy the thrill of translocating from tower to tower, duking it out with their enemies high above the ground.

- The "Courtyard" is the main focus of contention. This Control Point switches hands the most, and players who like fast paced action will enjoy fighting around this Control Point.

Changes from the DM-Barricade originally by Cliff Bilinski:

1. Added Control Points
2. Tweaked bot paths for Dom gameplay
3. Rearranged PlayerStarts
4. Rearranged weapons/ammo & items for Dom gameplay
5. Changed a ZoneInfo location description

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 2/2/2000
    • Added: 10/3/2010

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