Game Types
Small for 2-4 players

The Gorgon Sanctuary is a small temple on an abandoned planet in the far depths of space. A statue of the Ancient Spirit watches over the complex, and it's arcane powers are still awake. The wise warriors know how to use those powers to smite down their opponents...

The entire map uses a black/white version of the Ancient.utx textures with improved contrast, converted by myself.

The particle systems used for torchflames and weapon bases are the "RPaticles", made by Raven.

Please notice that the visuals are optimized for the Direct3D8 and Extended OpenGL render-modes, and might look a little different in other modes.

As always, you should have a REALLY fast PC because of the high polycounts, big lights and various effects (particles, meshes...) within this map.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/25/2007
    • Added: 8/22/2011

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