Medium for 4-8 players

This is a remake of Unreal's "mysha the sledgedogs" classic level. I felt this map needed updating for UT. It was and always has been a player's map with fast and frantic action. Although the original was near perfect, I have added a few new feature's such as two new sniper points on bases height up giving a good vantage point to the rest of the map, and rebuilt the lift. I have altered it so the bots use it a lot better rather than hang around at the top like they used to waiting for you to just sneak up. I have re-textured near enough the entire map and am happy it is as mysha would like ( er.. Ok I hope would like ) I haven't been impressed by the conversions I've seen but I hope this version gets back on the servers as its my kinda map -- pure fraggin joy like Deck-16 (a masterpiece yet to be equalled).

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/23/2000
    • Added: 3/7/2003

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