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The cold desert wind howls and screams as the blackness of night engulfs the arena, the water of the pool echoes in the chamber as much as the the crackling of the torch fire crackling. The dust of the arena reminds you of the age faint voice can be heard 'the gods have turned their backs on you to end up here.'

The ever changing sands shift as the wind blows constantly unearthing and burying artifacts of the ancient times. In the middle of the dry desert under tons of sands the perfect remains of an unholy place, the Temple of the great priest Imhotep. Liandri Corp Historical survey teams have been frantically trying to discover of what remains of all the great Egyptian empire. During the Earth Skaarj war and the planetary bombardment from the Skaarj mother ship the majority of already found Egyptian monuments had been destroyed. The Liandri Corp Historical Division needed result so they tediously combed the desert again and again until one day they found the half buried temple all though they are still allowed to studying the interior Liandri Corp Historical Division ran in to financial problems and needed to generate income so the courtyard complex between the gate house and main temple# fully excavated and is now a tournament favorite.

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    • Released: 7/17/2004
    • Added: 7/28/2009

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