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Logfile 12.12.2XXX
Today our sister corporation Vsys Corp. Found something wierd, a large red glowing stone deep below the surface. Neither could their borers nor explosives crack this thing. This will stop us for some time, I guess.

Logfile 13.12.2XXX
Still nothing happened. This stone is still there, and because of the darkened sky we have to use lights, the darkening is a happening that should happen in two weeks...

Logfile 14.12.2XXX
Something crushed their tools! I can't believe it, most of their tools are broken because of the stone, and the other ones were destroyed somewhen in the past 6 hours. Those guards said they saw strange silhouettes of giant creatures impossible to be human. The light returned, but now it is red, heavy red clouds cover the whole planet. I wonder if it has something to do with that stone?

Logfile 15.12.2XXX
Workers didn't come to work today, after one of them was horribly killed. Too bad! Why does this have to be? Those shadows are getting more and more, and civilians are evacuated. To all exuberance the stone produced some kind of undescribtable colored slime which uses to overcome our tools, machines, mines, everything.

Logfile 16.16.2XXX
While colonies are evacuating, I am sitting waiting that the slime kills me as it did with so many others. I know of one last escape shuttle which could bring a few people back home. Unfortunatly, there is not enough space left for all of us, we are six workers here and there is only space for three. I wonder what we will do?

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/16/2004
    • Added: 12/23/2004

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