Planet Aeneis Outpost


Medium for 2-8 players
Play Styles

In the outer reaches of spaces like the Planet Aeneis Outpost, now used for tournament matches.

To get the rocketlauncher you'll have to walk a view extra yards. The bots get it every now and then and I found that getting it myself a view times was the key to succes.

There is a depressureroom-trap in this level. It's the small room beyond the yellow/bleu doors. To activate it shoot the little square above one of the two doors. I tried to make the bots understand this trap and they did Depressurise me several times. But to be honest I don't know if this happened on purpose or simply because of flying around bullets.

When I first tested this map I sometimes got stuck in that long tube. If I'm right I fixed this bug, but if you still get stuck a tab to the left or the ri

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/19/2000
    • Added: 8/3/2004

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