Small for 2-6 players
Play Styles
1on1, Close Quarters

There's a secret dream in every man's head. A thing that would made them happy, sure, but not only... They would be SATISFIED with their lives...

OK, mine is having a DavidM's "0wnZme" mention... Now you know it. [not joking here]

In order to do so, I submit each and every map I finish to him...

I think he is very kind, because he always gives feedback, and tells me how to improve my mapping skillz...

The first time he said that one of my maps was "pretty good" was for DM-Hope... Which eventually got a PlanetUnreal Map Of The Week award :)

So... HE WAS RIGHT! I was getting better! Great... He told me: "I don't like the colors of the lights, and the gameplay is not so cool... You need more PREDICTABILITY".

SO, he had me right in for the big deal! I started studying his awesome maps, and slowly understood what predictability is, and, most of all, how to put it in my maps.

The result was Polaris. Guess what did DavidM say about it?

"Floors are not connected"


Luckily one person noticed all the work I did to give Polaris a good gameplay! That man is Tiziano (great italian mapper btw).

Another thing he noticed was that I got a bit confused with items and stuff, and so he decided to help me, along with another very skilled player: Dest1ny. They tested my map and gave me precious advice.

And there you have it. An almost perfect 1on1 fast, tight and goodlooking arena!

Hope you'll enjoy playing it.

If you got the older version, there are little geometry changes: I've added a window to close a too open area and minor stuff like that. Remember to dodge out of the lifts... And try to predict where your opponent is going!

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Revision History

  • v1.337
    • Released: 10/2/2001
    • Added: 1/1/2003

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