Haunted House


Medium for 4-8 players
Play Styles
1on1, Close Quarters, Manhunt

Trying to escape the onslaught you run in to the house to escape, and find a better weapon to defend yourself. Once inside you find yourself in an ambush set up against you. You turn to run back only to find you can’t get out. Now you must search through the maze of rooms to get out ALIVE.

It's easy to get in to the house but trying to get out alive is another question. No door goes to were you think it should, and some stairways just go down and not back up.

I took my design for the small house, and took it in a different way. I want to do a haunted house, where all the rooms went to places. Example (say if you go though door A in room 1 and you might come out in room 2 though door B. But if you go back through door B in room 2 you would come out in room 3 through door 3.) I had to keep the rooms simple to help me get the portals right. I have the number of portals at their max count.

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Revision History

  • v1.6
    • Released: 6/25/2003
    • Added: 9/11/2003

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