Aquamarina Base X-32


Game Types
Capture The Flag
Large for 14-16 players
Play Styles

A symmetrical huge CTF map in the X-32 Aquamarina submarine base very deep in the Rift of Aquamarina, ine the Ocean of Europa, a satellite moon of Jupiter... The base is functionnal and Liandri has bought it to make a big CTF match site of it. If u have time, have a look through the windows and admire other parts of the base, some submarine landscape and even some sharks: maybe u're better in the base than in the water!

Tip: use the windows in the central part of the map, they may help u to see if some bastards of the opposing team try to enter your base through a another way!

Tags: cliffybownage

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/29/2001
    • Added: 3/21/2003

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