Small for 2-4 players

This is just a platforms, lifts and bouncers type platform. If you've got no skill and like to play easy levels then this is not for you but if you've think you've got a bit of skill then you'll like it. If you good with the sniper rifle then you should be able to take control of the level as there are few places to hid . The bounce pads can get you up to the platforms quickly but it might cost you depending on how hard you land.

To play ctf & dom versions of the map just copy the map the replace DM-A-I-F-O with CTF-A-I-F-O or DOM-A-I-F-O. Once again there is bot support but this map is a lot more fun playing against humans you will die lots of times before you will truly be able to say that you've mastered it Dr-Alf has the Most Suicides honour 80 in our stat chart guess he could say Arse-I-Fell-Off quite a few times ;0)

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/31/2001
    • Added: 8/16/2009

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