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Capture The Flag
Medium for 4-8 players
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When in the future the energy resources of the earth will be finishing the humans will try to create energy from all the possible resources. One of the last methodes found is with the ice. So humans will begin to build factories for the transformation of ice in energy. But while they were building one of this the workers will find an enourmos portal... They'll go through it and they'll arrive in the same place where they were but in the past! The workers of the factory will try to send the new through the world but they'll be stopped because it'll be better if this portal will remain secret. And the better way to keep this secret in the future will be to organize CTF matches in which will became the futuristic blue base and the crypt red base...

That's all... Big fantasy! :-)

Sorry for my english...

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/3/2002
    • Added: 2/6/2003

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