Forts Of Time Pack Vol1


Game Types
Assault, Deathmatch
Medium for 2-16 players
Play Styles

The TimeWarp Crew has released FoT IV (FortsOfTimePackVol1) for your enjoyment.

Vol1 features three assault maps, with two DM, and one small DOM as a bonus. This map pack was intended for Assault only, but we felt it better to have mixed gametypes for a broader audience in the end. We feel these maps blend together nicely.

Since the file size was unreasonably large with only Assault, we were forced to package a mix in two parts.

It contains 6 maps by 5 authors:

AS-FoT-Mothership by Derdak2Rot
AS-FoT-OceanRunner by Hostile
AS-FoT-OrionsCursePart1 by FraGnBraG
DM-FoT-Hian by Cooloola
DM-FoT-Metallicide by XYZ8000
DOM-FoT-SandFlea by Hostile

Also includes:

Support files for Eavy AssaultBonusPack418, (not including the Eavy umod or AS map files) ShockSystems SteelPak, swjumppad, SCEnhancedDOM, and Rparticles

The three assault maps may be a little daunting at first, but feel they will give you a better experience once you have explored the layouts a few times. If they were easy, then where is the since of adventure?

For those that do not like assault, we have also included two fine DM maps, DM-FoT-Hian by Cooloola, which is dripping with atmosphere, and DM-FoT-Metallicide by XYZ8000, with it's frantic gameplay.

We hope you enjoy our works!
The TimeWarp crew.

Part2 is coming soon ..

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/31/2007
    • Added: 9/17/2007

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