DM-A Yeti's Edge


Medium for 1-16 players

A remake of the original Quake2 map "The Edge." The questions to be answered were:

1. What is the best bot experience?
2. How is Q2 style deathmatch for UT players?

The contest for me was always between Quake2 with Gladiator bots and Unreal Tournament and Polge bots. But how to compare them. The early Gladiators only had a few maps available. They work best (in my opinion) on q2dm1 - "The Edge". So how to get Polge bots into Q2. Well here is my answer. This map recreates the play conditions of The Edge in a new format - UT. The map is larger to allow for the faster moving UT bots.

Falls from heights cause similar damage on this map to Q2. So the map is about 60% taller. There are about twice as many steps. The bots take the same time to go up each set of steps. All ROCKET JUMPS have been duplicated for UT rocket jump - YES I mean the Eightball will do the jumps as in the original. Crates and boxes are all adapted to suit. So the map timing and movement are as close as I can calculate.

There are a lot of INVISIBLE COLLISION HULLS to restrict movement to the same shapes as the original. There are no new sniper spots etc. However I like the illusion of considerably different shape. It's just decoration. After all UT specialises in looking amazing so why waste it? I love birdies. So a lot of Royal Australian Ornithological Atlas stuff is used. See amazing native birds for free.

I have removed some of the bumps in the original. I hate getting caught (while strafing) on wall features. Also corners have been smoothed. Some edges and ledges were added in my "Health Spa" room to make it harder. Choices of weapons are all mine but are placed the same. The original was not noisy. This map has a lot of ambient but I have tried to place sound generating objects to match Q2 1 on 1 conditions. You can follow your opponent by sound.

Any feedback is always welcome. There will be a Version 2.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/24/2000
    • Added: 9/2/2009

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