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Unreal Warfare
Medium for 12-20 players
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Fragments remaining from the shattered world left behind by the turmoil and tempestuous civil war on Endotermik III, these autonomous mining colonies were left to the biting winds and violent weathering to become one with the planet again; however, mechanized beings with a purpose never stop, and so these colonies continued to sustain themselves, pumping out 200 kilotons of ore, each revolution around the star system, a solar year. Tenok clans have found their ways into the mines by chance, and use the derelict technology to sustain their own bitter existence. They are only marked by their monolithic presence on the frozen surface of the planet.

An unconventional layout, filled with unique ideas implemented to be cohesive and function as one. The tactics on this battlefield may change at any moment, forcing newer tactics to be used. It's not about nuking your enemy's core, it's about using the nodes to deal damage. The focus is less on core-attacking, and more on node capturing. Too bad I couldn't get the whole thing done in time for MSUC, but whatever, it's going in my portfolio anyways because it's taken up a huge amount of time. If only I could have made it the way it is now for MSUC.

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 11/9/2009
    • Added: 1/24/2011

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