Small for 4-6 players

Liandri tournament operators discovered this derelict space platform in a decaying orbit, noting that it would be ideal for maximum carnage. Most likely a failed, experimental weapon, the abandoned platform still produces its own energy with some form of active force field in the center. A Liandri salvage team was able to grapple onto it with their most powerful cargo transporter and tow it to a safe orbit where it could be used for years for the popular, bloody deathmatches.

There have been a few SpaceNoxx versions out there but none of them have come close to the glory of Fuegerstef's version for UT2004. Just for yuks I decided to build a Fuegerstef replica for UT3 since he didn't want to do one. This one is rebuilt from scratch but I was able to export many of the textures and some of the meshes from 2004 to make it feel like home. :-)

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/28/2010
    • Added: 5/10/2010

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