Large for 24-36 players
Play Styles

A large multi level mystical looking tower located in the middle of a lake on a misty moonlit night. This level is suited to those who like arena style maps being symetrical in design with the added addition of vehicles. There is 10 Scavengers, 5 Mantas and 5 vipers in the level and the level can hold up to 34 players quite comfortably.

I purposley designed this level for some vehicle fun in an arena type environment. I didn't get quite the time I needed for a proper testing on this level as I was working on it right up to almost the close of phase 4 of the MSUC which was were I wanted to release this level, so there may be some minor bugs or not.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/1/2009
    • Added: 9/16/2009

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