Game Types
Capture The Flag
Large for 6-12 players
Play Styles
Lowgrav, Instagib

Since its installment, Galvanic has proven to be a dominate force in the Tournament. High above the barren lanscape of Galvanic lies the destiny of today's greatest warriors. Inevitability is calling... Are you ready to respond?

Quick Gameplay tips:
-The routes from the bottom entrances of the base to the lower-center area is the quickest, but also the most dangerous. There are no weapons and health/shield pickups.
-The route through the center is the longest but has Flak, RL as well as a Super Pickup Item which will provide better chance of storming the base.
-Via a lift-jump, it is possible to reach the roof of the buildings. On top is the Redeemer, as well as a perfect sniping locations.
-There is just enough low-grav outside to allow long drops without losing health, and still having good mobility.
-Watch out for the electic beam!

Perfomance Considerations:
-I highly recommend using high or medium World Detail, unless you have a high-end system. The emitters have a big drain on performance.

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Revision History

  • v1.01
    • Released: 11/1/2003
    • Added: 11/1/2003

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