PlanetQuake MapPack2-The Top Peg


Game Types
Large for 4-10 players
Play Styles

..::LvL/PlanetQuake Map Pack #2 - The Top Peg
---authors and maps---
* peccary of destiny by unitool (unitooldm4)
* Scrap Metal ][ by Bal by nunuk (Bal3dm4)
* Aerowalk by the Hubster (hub3aeroq3)
* Dismemberment by The Hubster (hub3dm1)
* H2SO4 by Krash (KtSdm3)
* Vertigo by Sai-KO (saiko_tourney1a)
* Gothic Rage by Quaker-X (qxtourney1)
* Tribute to n1*dK by DruZli (cpm11)
* Wicked (cpm1a) by FxR|jude and Decker (cpm1a)
* GrindMill by [Kona] (alkdm06)
* Disinformation by Bal (bal3dm3)
* Reloaded by Yogi (yog3dm2)
---thanx, credits---
Big fat thanx with a huge cherry on top goes out to all the mappers who have work in this pack.

More info in the included readme and at

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/6/2001
    • Added: 6/8/2004

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