Game Types
Capture The Flag
Huge for 12-16 players

Sonic the Hedghehog meets Unreal Tournament in this hilarious new modern/classic hybrid.

Fun Things to Do:

1. Use the super sneakers while going around the loop to see how far you can launch youself. Extra points if you actually live!

2. Taunt and tease the spinning spike bridge by jumping up and down on it, never letting it quite get you.

3. Get the super shoes, order all the bots to cover you, and then laugh at their feeble attempts to catch you.

4. Grap the enemy flag and use yourself as human catapault (loop) ammunition in order to return the flag to your base. It doesn't really matter if you survive, one of your measly bots will surely take the flag from your dead body and score the point.

5. Get out your translocator and shoot it up into the air and immediately translocate yourself. Shoot it up again, teleporting yourself just a little bit higher before the next time you fall back to the ground. Repeat indefinately.

6. Get the Supershoes and a rocket launcher. Race your rockets from one side of the map to the other. (In most cases you can outrun them.)

7. Get with one of your friends and stand at the far end of the map. Take turns firing and translocating to where your marker lands. See who can reach the opposite flag first.

8. Try to go around the loop backwards.

Tags: slv sonic strangelove

Revision History

  • v1.02
    • Released: 2/24/2002
    • Added: 3/14/2012

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