News: Secure Connection Issue Resolved

FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — August 24, 2017
Recently, Google and Mozilla decided to revoke any certificates created by the company StartSSL (which provides free SSL certificates). This means that any website using certificates issued by this provider can no longer encrypt pages. Unfortunately, that meant that the login functionality of Mapraider was completely broken in the latest version of Firefox and Chrome until I was able to purchase and install a certificate from another provider.

The issue is mostly resolved, but you may notice that site files loaded from the static file server do not work over SSL due to a limitation of the SSL I purchased. I'll resolve that issue as soon as I am able to, but everything should still work regardless.

Apologies for the partial downtime.
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  • GEx GEx — August 24, 2017
    No problem, man. Thanks for the fix!

    *que Eric Bischoff's WWE theme*
  • papercoffee papercoffee — August 27, 2017
    Good to know ...I thought this page was going down.
    Btw. Could you fix the upload problem?
  • DrFlay DrFlay — August 31, 2017
    How about free HTTPS for the whole site ?
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — August 31, 2017
    That is something I want to do, but I've been waiting for LetsEncrypt to finish their support for wildcard certificates.

    Since a big chunk of site components are served from a static asset server, I need support for a primary and at least two subdomains for Mapraider to encrypt the full site properly.

    Theoretically, I could set up LetsEncrypt's existing system for each domain individually, but that sounds like a bit of a pain since they're all for the same server and it (hopefully) won't be long until their multi-domain support is released anyway.

    We'll see, but yes -- HTTPS for the full site is one of my goals ...

    ... Along with another list of goals that's a mile long ;)

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