News: Mapraider v2.0 Is Live!

FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — March 01, 2013
It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the new and improved! After more than 10 years of hosting and showcasing your maps, the site has been completely redesigned to make finding, downloading, discussing and sharing maps better than ever.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing more about the many new features and improvements on the site. In the meantime, you'll discover some on your own -- everything from larger screenshots and real-time map stats, to a very cool browsing/searching system that's unlike any other gaming site on the net.

In celebration of our 10 years, we've completely opened up the direct download mirror for all members and added a fourth high-speed mirror!

And thanks to a handful of incredible volunteers, the site supports a number of languages other than English. Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian and Russian are also currently available. You can let your browser choose automatically or override your language setting in your member preferences.

As with anything new, the site still has a few kinks and loose ends to tie up. Please bear with us as we work through them and let us know if you encounter problems or have any suggestions.
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  • UnShame UnShame — March 01, 2013
    yay :D
  • Sanctioner Sanctioner — March 01, 2013
    The valmorification completely worked.
  • Firefly Firefly — March 02, 2013
    Very nice FM. :)
    Smooth and quick
  • Luxon776 Luxon776 — March 02, 2013
    Great change. One of a few site redesigns I like (not a typical YouTube f**ku– change). :)
  • Avarin Avarin — March 02, 2013
    Really nice work! Agreed with Luxon776 and Firefly. The only thing I miss is the little icons that indicated which game the map is for. I didn't realize how much I used those icons until now. It's a small thing, though.
  • 0kelvin 0kelvin — March 02, 2013
    Is the submit map button broken? Nothing happens when I click it (add map file button, not the sumit map link)
  • rEd2k rEd2k — March 03, 2013
    Ya same here, I can't submit a map, am I doing something wrong?
  • MisterHeadCrab MisterHeadCrab — March 03, 2013
    Mapraider is now sexier than ever! Congrats :)
  • Wormbo Wormbo — March 03, 2013
    Map upload doesn't work for me either in Firefox. I tried adding exceptions for this site to AdBlock Plus, NoScript and FlashBlock, allowed cookies and disabled Redirect Remover. Still no worky.

    Oh, while I'm at it: IMHO the real name is something users should not be forced to reveal, at least not on a website like this. That's not how gaming communities worked in the last decade, you should know as you've been around for that long already.

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