News: Contact Form Delivery Issue Fixed

FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — October 17, 2015
Thanks to the help of maxdamage, I've learned that our contact form has not been properly delivering messages to me for some time.

For some reason, our mail service decided to stop delivering messages to our contact email address. Thankfully our system logs all of the outgoing messages, so they are not completely lost. The issue has been resolved and I'm going through logs to determine what messages I may have missed. If you've tried contacting me, have not received a reply and would still like one, please try again.
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  • GEx GEx — October 18, 2015
    Good to know, a while back I wrote you about this:
    Asking what I need to do for uploading the maps to the database.
  • papercoffee papercoffee — December 02, 2015
    So did you get my last mail send from mapraider?
    I asked if you still have my mappack submissions from the last contests in queue ...if yes, is it possible to transfer those submissions to this acount?
  • papercoffee papercoffee — July 31, 2016
    Wow ...8 month and no reply.
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — August 01, 2016
    Was that directed at me? Sorry. Life has gotten busy. I'll check into it as soon as I can. Feel free to join us in the Mapraider IRC chat if you want to harass me on a regular basis until I finally take care of it :)
  • papercoffee papercoffee — August 03, 2016
    Lol ...good to know.

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