News: Mapraider 2.0 Release Imminent

FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — September 21, 2012
The launch of Mapraider 2.0 is right around the corner and I've been absent from my duties here on the site only because I've been spending as much time as I can wrapping up the loose ends for the upcoming release. I'm hoping to release another video soon with much more detail if the site itself doesn't get launched first :)

In the meantime, we've started a crowd-sourcing project on to have Mapraider 2.0 translated. If you're interested in helping out, sign up (it's free) and join the Mapraider language project that you're able to help with. More detailed information about the process can be found in my recent post.
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  • JRGoesGreenland JRGoesGreenland — September 26, 2012
    Hey FM !!

    Good to hear that a release is soon to come. Would you be interested in a danish translation ??
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — September 26, 2012
    Definitely, JRGoesGreenland! I've added the Danish language to the Mapraider translation project. Feel free to jump in and help out! See my previous post and the ongoing discussion there for more information and instructions if you need them.

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