Tower of Shrakith'a


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During an investigation of a mysterious ruin on a desert planet, it becomes apparent that there is a vast source of power contained within it. Some time into your search of the decayed structure, you absently touch a medallion and a bright ball of bright light surrounds you. Seconds later you find yourself in a large house confronted by strange four-armed creatures and strangely you collapse from fatigue. In the following hours the creatures tell you of your plight, and that this medallion that travels between worlds may only be used in this world if the Guardian is defeated.You learn that the Guardian may be reached through the heights of the Tower of Shrakith'a and you decide that this is where you must go. And so it begins...

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/27/1999
    • Added: 4/7/2003

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