Game Types
Team Deathmatch
Large for 2-8 players
Play Styles

A cell-shaded style recreation of the Simpsons' town Springfield.

After releasing springfield_pb for Enemy Territory, I worked very little on the map. It became just too big and I couldn't handle it anymore. So I decided to give up mapping. Now, 2 years later or so, I decided that this was unfinished business. I wanted to bring this map back to it's roots. First I ported the whole springfield map to Quake, then I saw it was too big and not playable. I made it a lot smaller and improved gameplay and performance. Now it's a little allroundmap, with some new gags, a secret chamber, and a lot of fun, I hope.

Note: This map needs more resources than the original Quake 3 maps. Please see readme for instructions on how to make sure the map works for you.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/12/2007
    • Added: 6/28/2008

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