The Edge of Forever


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This is a single player experience ONLY and there are no plans for adding bots or multiplayer support to this map. The environment is designed with countless visual clues of what to do next and will require the player(YOU) to look up to find them! There is no time limit pressure and the level can be played at any pace.

The environmental detail comes with a price and that is extremely high poly counts in most areas of the map. The average poly count for the map is between 20k-30k and will require a modern day PC in order to reduce any FPS problems.

The main puzzles are made up of two state objects (on or off) which are linked together to create more interesting problems. All of the puzzles are setup with custom sounds and visual effects so that it should be easier to see and hear what is going on.

The solution for every puzzle is always linked to something that is blocking your path, this could be a door, a floor opening or a new route forward. Two of the puzzles are randomly setup each time you load or re-start the map, so if you play the map several times it should be a slightly different experience everytime.

This map is designed for Quake 3 Arena 1.32 and IOQuake 3 and does not require any special MOD in order to play correctly. I would highly recommend that you turn off various elements of the default HUD so that the playing experience is as immersive as possible and follow the loading instructions included in the readme.

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 3/13/2010
    • Added: 4/18/2010

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