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Aerowalk was originally made by the Preacher, for Quake. A Quake II version was released, by which time, Aerowalk had become a very popular duel level. Full credits for design and ownership go to Preacher. Well done for making one of the best custom levels of all time!

I have seen some versions of Aerowalk for Quake III Arena by others, however, I didn't find that they did the map justice. Scaling is the biggest problem I found with other versions, and so I set about setting my own solution to this.

This version by myself is probably a "tighter" version than other Q3 ones. I did this deliberately to speed up gameplay. Some items have been replaced with stronger ones to aid in balancing out the weight of the railgun and red armour.

I have made this version with the features of the LATEST Challenge Promode Arena mod in mind.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/5/2001
    • Added: 7/17/2003

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