Game Types
Free For All
Medium for 4-16 players
Play Styles
Close Quarters

This is based on DM-Curse][ from UT.

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Revision History

  • v1.2
    • Released: 3/17/2013
    • Added: 4/4/2013
    • Changes:
      • Revision 1:
      • Aggressive hint brush (a lot of pre computed occlusion)
      • New textures for the light fixtures
      • New custom skybox
      • Part of the blue area has been retextured as red to break repetition
      • Increased lightmap's res from 512 to 2048
      • Lightmap compiled with radiosity
      • Lightmaps with sRGB color space
      • Higher resolution textures
      • Rearranged some lights, overall map is brighter than before
      • Ditched compensate and gamma in favor of new extradist
      • Some minor changes to gameplay: two jumpads were launching players against the ceiling; the blue trim above the shotgun's room has an extra blue brick
      • Compiling commands:
      • BSP: -patchmeta -meta
      • Light: -light -fast -samples 4 -cheap -cheapgrid -patchshadows -filter -dirtscale 2 -bounce 2 -fastbounce -bouncegrid -gamma 0.9
      • Revision 1.2:
      • Replaced grey area with lemon green
      • Bouncescale to increase color bleeding and indirect lighting
      • Ditched floodlight
      • Lowered lightmap resolution from 2048 to 1024
      • Light switches: -light -filter -samples 4 -fast -cheap -cheapgrid -patchshadows -bouncegrid -bounce 3 -bouncescale 2.5 -compensate 2.25 -gamma 1.2
      • Compensate is used to compensate for overbrightness caused by bouncescale. Gamma, in turn, compensates for the low brightness of shadows which become darker because of the former.
  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/2/2009
    • Added: 1/14/2013

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