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This map is not only my third public release, but also my submission to the Experimental Single Player contest organised by LvlWorld.

Just for a quick introduction, let's say this is an attempt at making a classic single player level in a First Person Shooter, using the Quake III Arena basis.

The theme came quite rapidly in my mind : a mix between medieval tunnels and catacombs and a dirty industrial place, in which the player would have a few puzzles to resolve. I also wanted to try out some combat in there, and I managed to (poorly) include a bot that wanders around in the arena part of the map.

I plan on writing a big article on my blog about the production of this level, which was for me a bigger experience than the previous one, in many ways.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/13/2010
    • Added: 12/20/2010

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