UT2k4 Map Specific Loading Screens

JRGoesGreenland JRGoesGreenland — September 06, 2017
Hello all !!! Long time, no seeing.

Just want to announce the release of a little project, i've been working on, while taking a break from mapping. The title says it all. I was tired and bored of the default loading screens that came with the game. I thought it would be cooler if the loading screen showed the actual map chosen. So I started this "little" project.

Here is the link: http://www.moddb.com/games/unreal-tournament-2004/addons/ut2k4mapspecificloadingscreens-16-9

Check it out.

NOTE!! This is for monitors with 16:9 screenratio only and if you decide to download it, use the README from the zip-file. The README shown on ModDB are missing some parts and will not work.

Have fun.

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  • DrFlay DrFlay — August 01, 2018
    Ouch !


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