Screenshots for Fun :)

evilgrins evilgrins — January 28, 2016
Just realized I didn't have one of these here... I start it up on almost every other forum.

Anyone can post, screenshots from and Unreal/UT games.

Of the many variants of a certain map I found a beastie known as the CrazyWarlord. It has no weapons, it's form of attack is to swarm players and isolate them... presumedly so other monsters that do have firepower can slaughter them and who they're smothering.

I think they make for great target practice:

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  • evilgrins evilgrins — October 13, 2017
    For those that missed it ยท

    Nice thing about these UTDMW is using them in CTF often results in these epic aerial dogfights:

  • evilgrins evilgrins — October 25, 2017

  • evilgrins evilgrins — May 19, 2018
    I haven't been playing so much anymore, so I'm clearing out my remaining screenshots... Until I eventually make some more.

    8 shots to each UT community I'm a member of.


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