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Small for 8-12 players
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Whoever built this structure must have had an affinity for spiders. If you were to look at the blue print for this edifice, you would notice that all the larger areas and hallways resemble two gargantuan arachnids. Despite the voluminous pivotal areas and corridors, there's really no time to stop. You must keep moving if you are to stay alive.

Despite the lack of windows in this structure, there are ways to spy into neighbouring areas and see who's currently defending a point. However, spy quickly and move on. Someone has seen you, too ! One of the four panels that adorn the walls of Red basement will open when shot at. Jump in and be air blasted to the Blue basement but don't hesitate. You have limited time before the passage is sealed again...

The central crossing area from one arachnid to the other is a busy area with four entrances and two lifts to the storage attic. If you make your way to the attic, it's a great way to find armament and sneak from one area to the next. The attic also affords locations to snipe from.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/14/2002
    • Added: 8/29/2004

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