Rumble Pitt


Large for 8-16 players
Play Styles

This level was created for the "Make Something Unreal" contest. The contest rules outline several areas of scoring, which I have attempted to use as design guidelines. The scoring breaks down as follows: Fun: This level is exactly the level I have always wanted to play, and I have made every effort to make it as full, as interesting, and as complete as possible. Bot waypoints are fully set and optimized. Bots will travel to ALL areas of the map, take advantage of all powerups, and even use shortcuts (such as jumping to adjacent catwalks) whenever possible. Bots won't get "stuck" and drop into camp mode. Flow: No dead ends. Every room connects to several others through a confusing system of layered catwalks and stairs. Weapon/Item Placement: Weapons are spaced so that all areas have access to more than one weapon. Power-ups are very carefully placed so that quite a bit of travel is required to visit them all. Ammo and health are spread evenly around the map, as are the spawn points. Style: The level has a strong "cathedral" style. The lighting is diverse, with varied colors and light styles, but not over-done. Coronas are used where appropraite. New textures and a unique design give the whole map a constant theme. Originality: The most unique feature of the level is the "Healing Pool". In an area of the map where there are no medkits, a mystical-looking room features a small pool in the center that will quickly replenish lost health (up to 100). Players are quite vulnerable while in the pool, and must decide if they want to risk taking a dip if their health is getting low. This should add a new twist to Last Man Standing games, as well as standard DeathMatch.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/24/1999
    • Added: 12/15/2002

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