Alone in the dark


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1on1, Lowgrav

The Liandri Corporation managed to lay their hands on this abandoned mining complex after an accident occurred in the lower mining areas. A great deal of the workers were killed and many more were trapped below and were left to die, mainly because it was decided to "forget" them. Help was never sent down.

The Executives decided to close the complex and covered the whole thing up, but The company was blackmailed by Liandri under the threat of blowing the lid off the case. The price Liandri demanded was the complex itself.

There wasn't much left of the complex after the accident, but it was large enough to let duels take place in the areas closer to the surface, which were still intact. The Liandri Corporation decided to fill all the service elevator shafts that used to lead down with debris, to completely seal of the lower areas.

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  • v1.3
    • Released: 6/15/2000
    • Added: 3/2/2003

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