Large for 4-16 players

This Tournament match takes place in the Geo-Thermal processing plant: Unreality, which has been re-opened and altered to provide maximum gameplay for all combatants. You will find a mixture of water and hot molten lava drilled directly from the earths core, and mixed to create steam which in turn is converted to power. This industrial facility is fairly decent in size, and will comfortably hold 4 to 16 players. There is many levels to it's design, and it is very connected.
If you shoot the poster of Cliff Bleszinski located near the Jumpboots, it will open a secret door containing the Redeemer. You'll know you triggered the door because it will print HEADSHOT on your screen. Do aim for his head ;)
The only powerups in the map are the Shieldbelt and Unreal Damage, both are hidden. You'll find weapons easily, due to a bright red rotating rune which is directly under each weapon. Any other items of value and not pertaining to weapons will have a green rotating rune under them.

You have to work for your ammo in this map, it's not right by the weapon, it's usually just around the corner, or up/down the ramp. This is to keep players moving, and discourage camping.

Tags: cliffybownage msuc

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/20/2000
    • Added: 5/27/2003

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