Close To The Edge


Game Types
Capture The Flag
Medium for 6-10 players
Play Styles
Close Quarters

"Close To The Edge" refers to the Yes album of the same name. The original plan for this level was to have the open water "drop off" as a huge waterfall, as if it were the end of the Earth (as in the belief of olden days). I couldn't figure out how to do it adequately though, and it didn't work out. The name stuck. There's a bit of asymmetry in terms of inventory and PlayerStarts. During testing with 4 "godlike" bots per team, "red" had a tendency to win. A few asymmetrical tweaks seem to have helped square the odds a bit. There's no music since it's an outdoor environment. But you might want to listen into that "Close To The Edge" album from Yes while you're at it. Even DJs and technophiles will be able to scaff some dangerous grooves and samples from it. And no, I don't get a commission on every sale of the record :) Framerates can get a bit heinous when you're out in the ocean. But there's no paths, no goodies, and no real reason to be floundering around out there to begin with, except for curiosity's sake. What else. The jury seems to be split down the middle regarding the implementation of walkways. For me it's no big deal; it's part of the game. Some people have reported enjoying the knockabout gameplay. It's only my third release, with obviously a ways to go. But the UT engine is such a fine piece of work that there's still stylistic niches to discover and expand upon, and I'll try to meet that challenge to the best of my ability. Feedback is always welcome.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/19/2001
    • Added: 12/15/2002

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