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Capture The Flag
Small for 2-6 players
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A CTF version of my GMC Deathmatch: Virtues, Values, Memories. Recommended 155% speed and 55% air control.

While KFH clan's previous GMC map took you "UnderTheRoof", in this sequel it's time to go down and visit the cellar. It actually contains features of of my life as a collector... What I like, love, care (lovely pet photos), what I collect, seek for my collection for years (such as the jp. Version of the Sega game "El Viento") and a SantaCruz Deck that I didn't get when I was 14 (in 1990) including the trucks AND Peralta Wheels that I actually purchased for another Peralta Deck that I bought in 92 and still have.

Note: You will need the following additional packages in order to play this map:


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Revision History

  • v1.2
    • Released: 8/26/2006
    • Added: 3/5/2008

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