CTF-Aztek Pyramids


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Capture The Flag
Large for 12-14 players
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Thanks to time travel that was developed in the mid 22nd century. People of Earth have been going back in time to do research on geographic events. The Red Scientists have discovered 2 pyraids deep in the rocky mountains. There are no remnants of these pyraids today so archetectual groups have been fighting over these 2 pyramids to unravel what secret wiped out these pyramids. During this war, A scientist discovered a trap door that leads into a room full of hryogliphics. He has been able to decode a message that describes some type of alien life form that comes from the sky and destroys all. He has also disconvered that these pyramids belonged to the Azteks.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/2/2001
    • Added: 2/16/2003

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