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Capture The Flag
Large for 8-12 players
Play Styles
Long Range

This is my second entry in SabbathCat's Extreme w00t Mapping Challenge. You must have Bonus Pack 4 installed to run this map.

I've never done anything with terrain before (aside from a very simple brush in the skybox of one map), so I started playing around with it more or less at random. A couple hours later, I had a vaguely canyon-shaped object and realized I could make a w00t map out of it. Unfortunately the deadline for Sabby's contest was just around the corner, so I hammered this out in four days. If you find any errors or just think it sucks, now you know the reason!

Still, I think it came out quite well. In deference to the rules of the contest I've left the center area rather open and required that players pass through it on a flag run, but this map still has a lot more cover and indoor routes than is typical for a w00t map, so give it a chance even if you hate w00tabulous. :)

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/25/2006
    • Added: 4/27/2006

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