Game Types
Capture The Flag
Medium for 8-12 players
Play Styles

Fast-paced CTF action in an old LIANDRI Warp-Engine Test Facility. Good for 8-12 players (Recommended 10 Masterful+ BOTs). This map was originally released in the CTC3 mappack and is available now for anyone who wants a stand-alone copy of the map. NOTE: This map is an SE version which does NOT need any external UTX files and features DIRTY signs (erm, that's "dirt" dirty, not "pron" dirty, lol =P ) Runs well on my P4 but will lag in a few spots on older P3 machines (sorry, but I did what I could) Happy Fragging!

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/29/2005
    • Added: 1/4/2006

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