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This is The Hall Of Justice from The Super Friends! This is a big map with lots of custom stuff. It is loaded with good sniper and run and gun play. This is a must have map, and may be my last one for 2K4.

Who doesn't remember this show? This map is loaded with fun.

This map was requested by the guys from [TJL]clan. Most of the time nobody does a request map. I just thought this was a good idea, and thought the building would be a chalenge to make.

I need to thank [MPC]ACRUCESALUS for all the help with this map. He helped with the custom pick-ups, getting the Jet, and lots of other stuff, to many to count. Be sure to play some UnWheel. Also I changed a couple of textures from BadKarmas UT99 StarWars maps.

I made the Hall building from scratch, and all the custom pick-ups as well. The Greenlanterns are health vials, and The Flash lightning bolts are adrenaline. Inside the hall I made the table, pictures, and the big screen. You'd be suprised what you can do with the 2-d tool.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 8/22/2007
    • Added: 8/25/2007

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