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Small for 2-4 players
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"The latest aquisition by Liandri Corp. A Holy pit where the gods are worshipped."

My first map, which was an unplanned nightmare, a learning curve as steep as some of the ramps in this map. There's some spots which require some practice and skill to get to, and even the bots know how to do it, so learn fast.

The original idea was to be 2 arenas, one underground, one above ground. Finished the main layout for the underground arena and decided it would probably be big enough for 1on1. All I can say is, the more I tried to trim and pretty it up, the more I grew to hate the egyptian theme. Especially as my mission statement I wrote up for myself said no custom meshes or textures.Maybe next time I should also plan out the layout XD

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/24/2005
    • Added: 5/24/2005

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