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What do you do when you're trapped in an ancient temple littered with gold? Well in this one there won't be time for collecting souvenirs.

This is a small, intense Deathmatch map for UT2k4. It contains three levels and is set in an ancient egyptian temple of elements. The level is symmetrical and revolves around the centre sphinx in the middle room. The Pyramid was made first and then the upper and each outer rooms. These were then linked up with corridoors and elevators. This map requires a reasonable level of acrobatic skill to access all areas and contains one easter egg which I have hidden :>. Many features were duplicated and rotated.

A few people have had trouble getting to the top level as they are novice acrobats. You need to elevator jump to get to top level.


-skybox fixed (it sucked :P)

-bot pathing improved (again!)

-gametype fixed so map can be run straight from map file

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Revision History

  • v1.35
    • Released: 9/11/2004
    • Added: 9/14/2004

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