DM-SC-Temple Complex


Medium for 4-8 players
Play Styles

In an age long ago, before the existence of Unreal Tournaments, there was a time when men would duel with one another in exotic arenas. Many stories and legends spoke of these glorious battles and the magnificent architecture in which they ensued. Unfortunately, many of these battle ground locations have long been forgotten, or have crumbled under the test of time. One man, with his unlimited amount of wealth and time, began work on a project to revive these lost realms so that they may once again hold these epic events. This is a view of one of them...

After massive searches for the original temple arena, it was decided that the once great marvel must have been destroyed long ago. Although a setback to the project, all hope was not lost. During their searches, they stumbled upon an old material factory which had a similar layout to this old temple. It was quickly bought and hastily transformed into a battle arena. However, due to time constraints during conversion, and poor maintenance, the arena has become run-down and in desperate need of repair...

To this day, it is officially still under construction, but that isn't going to stop the other opponents from killing you.

This is my first map so give me a bit of a break when it comes to the final product =). This was my "learning" level, where I have learned how to use the UnrealEd 3.0. I tested this map many times and have the bots going pretty well. I plan to remake all my favorite old maps from other FPS games, so stay tuned...

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Revision History

  • v1.01
    • Released: 8/24/2004
    • Added: 8/25/2004

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