Game Types
Capture The Flag
Large for 4-18 players

Set among the crumbling ruins of the last Nali fortress, this castle is the final stand of the Nali against the Skaarj. Driving their Stone Giants before them, the Skaarj lay siege to the city for one weeks, at last breaking down the perimeter wall and wiping out all within their path. Now the castle sit's in ruin, and its up to you to gain control of whats left before the Skaarj burn it all down, the fires have started... What will you do?

This is one of my old maps I had made for 2k3 that I thought it was time to remake it right. Completely remade from sctrach. Unlike the aftermatch and ruins of war, I made this version with very nicely laied out terrain. Download it and check it out. Please get back to me with any problems with this or any other of my maps. This map will be a part of the 2nd map pack as well.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/1/2005
    • Added: 3/9/2005

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