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I dont know if you the the game "The Malefic Bridge" ("Le Pont Malefique" in French). It's a parlour game for children. You are an explorer who must climb a mountain and cross a bridge to take the jewels which are in the hands of the idol. But unfortunately the bridge... The bridge is ...? IT IS MALEFIC! It moves from left to right and you risk to fall. Yes : TO FALL! Ah yes it is horrible.

So I tried to do the same for an UT2003 map. Players appear at bottom of the mountain where there is only average weapons, the goal is to climb the mountain, to cross the bridge and to take the redeemer, the sniper riffle, and the rocket launcher. But, the other players prefers that the player does not reach that point (are not idiots!) and know well that it is complicated to defend himself when he is on this bridge.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/24/2005
    • Added: 12/1/2005

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