Mirroring/sharing the Mapraider files with Shareaza

DrFlay DrFlay — April 28, 2013
Helping to download and mirror the Mapraider collection, is far easier than many of you think, so I thought I'd cover the subject of using Shareaza.

This site itself uses the power of Shareaza to distribute the archive in a painless way that avoids the issues of torrent seeding.

Step 1.
Download the correct Shareaza.
Unfortunately the evil Discordia company has been cyber-sqatting every p2p site it can grab. All .com sites for Shareaza, Limewire, iMesh bareshare...etc. are fake, with fake software.
Shareaza only use Sourceforge http://shareaza.sourceforge.net

Step 2. Configuring
I recomend configuring Shareza before adding your shared folders. During the quickstart wizard just leave the default folders for now. You can add and remove later.
During the quickstart, it is worth enabling the "Power mode" as this adds a network icon to the GUI.
This makes it easier to see who or what you are connected to.

By default the current version 2.6 has the old G1 network disabled (Gnutella, Limewire, Bareshare etc.)
To re-enable it, look in Sharaza's advanced settings (CTRL+P) and look for the section "Discovery.EnableG1GWC" and set it to "True"

Shareaza already knows about server and host files for G1, G2, e2k and torrent. Other networks will have to be manualy added.
You can add more e2k (eDonkey) servers if you wish, though the Swedish "eDonkeyServer No2" in the default list is probably the largest you will find. (You can set it as a priority server via "right-click")
Hit "F8" or go to the "Host Cache" menu option, in the advanced section of the "View" menu.
View->Advanced->Host Cache.
Here you can import any server lists you have downloaded.

Lets add the DC++ network.
You can stick to hubs based in your own country if you wish, or just use the largest (or even a pre-aranged hub).
I install the complete list, and often connect to 2 large servers in different countries.
You will need WinRar or WinZip etc. to open the file (??.hublist.xml.bz2) and extract the "XML" file (Shareaza does recognise the "bz2" files, but fails to import them).

TIP: You can either import server lists via their section in the hosts cache, or if the file is visible in a shared folder, from the "Library" in Shareaza, you can double-click on it.

Step 3. Security
Visit the security forum and get the filter/blocklist.
The link is always on the "Home" tab in Shareaza.
Press "F7" to open the security section, or from the menus "View->Advanced->Security"
Due to the amount of spam ZIP files being spewed out by fake results, the filter blocks ZIPs, so we need to fix that.
Look for the line that starts "\.zip$" and change its setting from "Deny" to "Accept" or "None".

Step 4. Sharing
OK. you are ready to share your Unreal archives.
Go to the "Library" tab and choose the "folders" mode.
Right-click in the folders area, and click on "Share Files". Now add the extra folders you whish to share.
It will now scan and "Hash" all the files it can see. If you are sharing a large collection this will take a while!
As each file is hashed, it becomes visible to the networks.
By default it scans the files in low-CPU mode, but if you are not doing much else, you can switch it to fast-hashing.

Shareaza lets you add or correct "metadata" in/on all files.
You can add star-ratings and reviews to your favorite mods and maps, which helps people see which files are good and trustworthy.
Shareaza can also see into ZIPs and RARs etc. so users can see inside a remote file (and even read the readme) to make sure the file contains what users expect.

I am often connected to 9 networks (3x G1 / 2x G2 / 1x e2k / 2x DC++ / 1x torrent).
and share upto 200GB. (try doing that with a normal torrent program!)

TIP: when doing your first searches, you will get lots of spam results from Limewire scumbags.
Your first search, should be the default "any filetype", and search for "I @m @ SP4M file" or "Spam-trap K1LL M3" or anything that should not exist as a real file. (You can even mash some random keys).
All the results that start coming in are fake.
After a few minutes you can start Right-clicking on the files and "Ban-User". Do this until the list empties.
The longer you waited, the more you can ban in one click. These bans get added to the security filter, so Shareaza remembers it.

Users banned in the file-transfer window, are only banned for the session.
Abusive or suspicious users/organisations can be changed to a permanent ban, so Sharaza remembers it.
I have blocked 2 extra IP ranges that look very suspicious, as up to 7 PCs on the same network, kept grabbing exactly the same files every day, and running different clients from the same IP.
Adding a security rule to Sharaza is easy when blocking IP addresses. Just change the last number to a "*" and all PCs on that network are blocked.

That covers all the main stuff, you can tweak the GUI and settings at your own leasure.
Enjoy real file-sharing :D
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  • DrFlay DrFlay — April 28, 2013
    Damn this site. It constantly tells me it can't do stuff, yet does it anyway!
    It would be useful if we could delete our posts!

    Can someone please kill the other 2 copies of this please :D
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — April 28, 2013
    @DrFlay: I received your PM about the incorrect error message and removed the duplicate posts. I'll look into that issue. If there are any other bugs you're encountering (the site constantly tells you it can't do stuff?), please let me know about them so I can fix things.
  • DrFlay DrFlay — April 28, 2013
    Odd, I also got a failed to send error with the PM (that's why I posted the comment).
    I tried IE, but I get the same issue.
    BTW. I'm normally using Opera browser.

    At the mo' my main annoyance is the text area of a main post, is so custom that functionality such as Opera's dictionary/spellcheck does not work (works here in the comments fine!).

    I often write long posts or tutorials, so the spell-ckeck is very useful.

    You will have to review the ability to edit or delete posts.
    Allow a user who started a thread to have control of it, as there is no way to re-edit or correct a tutorial or info-post.
    Eg. It will get messy, if I have to add relevant updates and p2p info, down here in the comments.
    This site works the same as mine. The first post is the "feature" and after that they are all comments.

    If we can get Medor and Skills to use Shareaza, the p2p pool will get a major boost.
    I've posted this guide elsewhere, and will possibly post some more.
    I'm a bit cheesed-off with it being just me and Mapraider visible in searches.
    I will add metatag/keywords to the various files, so they are more "find-able".

    BTW. Why are you not using the latest Shareaza?

    IDEA: Shareaza has built-in IRC. Make/register a "mapraider" room. This can then be used as group chat in Shareaza or an IRC program. (Opera has IRC built-in, but I mostly use Trillian).
    The server used is [url]irc://irc.p2pchat.net:6667[/url] so you would use /join #mapraider

    You can have a web-client here or on the main site, so anyone visiting here, can chat to someone hosting some files.
    I have an example of a basic web-client at the top of this page http://my.opera.com/Unreal-Tournament/blog/internet-relay-chat
  • DrFlay DrFlay — April 28, 2013
    OK seems they have changed IRC server address (though it may still be the same service)
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — April 29, 2013
    Thanks for the feedback. I am working on all of those fixes/tweaks you mentioned regarding the forums and will look into the error messages and that Opera spellcheck issue and see why it's not working there.

    Regarding Shareaza:
    • Upgrading Shareaza is on my todo list, I just haven't gotten around to it yet :)

    • I don't use the Shareaza's chat features because the software is located on a remote server that I'm not always connected to.

    • Regardless, Mapraider already has an IRC chat room that has been hosted on EnterTheGame for almost as long as the site has been around. Quite happy with their service and uptime so no plans to move the channel. Feel free to join us! You can find more info on the chat room on the Contact page.
  • DrFlay DrFlay — April 29, 2013
    Good-grief, I wasn't suggesting you use the chat in Shareaza. I figured that would be minimised on a server running in a shed somewhere.
    Just for the other people that may wish to help with the mirroring.
    That way they can quickly organise any missing files etc. By handing each-other the magnet links, without having to find each-other first.

    It should be easy enough to get Shareaza to use your existing IRC, so I'll look into that and post an update.

    Once IRC and p2p are combined you have the equivalent system to the DC++ network
    If you see a user in IRC in Shareaza, you can right-click and request to browse their collection.
    The mapraider mirrors can then easily and quickly give each-other "Priority" so those requests go to the top of the pile.

    Don't forget people, you can use Shareaza remotely, so you can send it files to download while you are away from home.
    It also supports normal HTTP and FTP downloads, so you can use it with most sites.
  • DrFlay DrFlay — May 3, 2013
    Chatting to each-other
    For convenience you can add the Mapraider IRC room/channel to Shareaza.
    In the Shareaza chat preferences, you can swap the server to "irc.enterthegame.com"

    Then once you connect to it in the chat window, you can add the "Mapraider" channel.

    Now you can quickly copy and paste links to files, or browse the collection of a user you can see.
  • DrFlay DrFlay — May 3, 2013

    As you can see Shareaza shows you which files you already have, and gives you plenty of feedback.
  • Torin Torin — April 21, 2014
    Thanks for sharing the Mapraider files through Shareaza. It makes it so much easier to determine which files I already have. Sorting through my 140GB of UT files and comparing them to your's would otherwise be a major chore.

    I have noticed that not all files shared via Shareaza are available on the website (e.g. Ctf-twinvalley.zip for Unreal Tournament). Will this be automatically corrected at some point, or is it a manual process?

    I noticed in the website FAQ that users are encouraged to upload maps, screenshots, etc. Is there a simple way for me, as a user, to tell (perhaps in Shareaza) which files I have that Mapraider does not? Or which files Mapraider has but aren't yet available via the website (perhaps for lack of a screenshot)? I'm returning to work very soon and may not have much time, but I'd like to help out if I can.

    I'm finding Shareaza to be a bit shaky/unstable at times. I had it lock up and lose the hashes on 140GB of UT files, sometimes switches to the "Transfers" window when I select 'download' for a file from the "Browse: Mapraider..." window, takes several minutes to mark files as "You already have this file in your library". Is this normal? Or should I switch from the 64-bit version to the 32-bit version?


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