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You are suspended in mid air with beautiful blue lights swirling about your body while in the distance looms a vast alien landscape. It is an unusual and peaceful feeling much like the whimsical dreams of your childhood. But suddenly you realize that it is not a dream nor is it anything remotely beautiful. As you slowly come out of your daze, you remember that you were intercepted while trying to escape from Star bas 861. Theses graceful blue lights and melodic humming are none other than the product of a Skaarj death chamber warming up to a suitable cooking temperature. YesÖ those vibrant colors and foreign sounds will most likely be the last things that you see and hear, the final moments in an seemingly endless day.

1. If you survive your death sentence, it would be advisable to reclaim your weapons which are more than likely inside the Skaarj attack craft.

2. There is an old Skaarj mining ship and the remnants of a Tarydium smelter not too far from the location where you were shot down. Your best bet in escaping from this mud covered Alien jungle is to gain access to the ship and see if you can find a teleporter powerful enough to get you home or at least to somewhere a bit more friendly. There is however one problem. You must find a way to deactivate the security gate separating you from the old mining ship.

3. Hexephet, named after it's founder and chief overseer, has a variety of installations which were built in the prosperous years. You will need to navigate most of these facilities in order to find an entrance to the main security tower as well as the supplies to survive.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 10/3/1999
    • Added: 4/7/2003

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