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MultiTeam CTF
Large for 16-24 players
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(CTF4 version) Liandri Orbital Resort Complex. Well, sorta looks like it could be one if you don't think about it too much :). Note that this spaceport thing is really old, and thus it is noobish (yeah, this is one of fragnbrag's noob maps). That said, I was not concerned in upgrading the appearance so much as getting the freak working so I could be done with it, lol :).

The Multi-elevation CTF4 is good for up to 24 players (4 to 6 players per team). Doublespeed + jumpboots combined with the zippy Low gravity means you can launch like a rocket! Use masterful+ bots for a more challenging match.

Many thanks to UT99.org and the makers of UTR XPickups :)
Note: this map requires the CTF4 mutator (not included) available from http://www.uncommonplace.com/games/ctf4.html.


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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/9/2012
    • Added: 11/9/2012

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